Keynote Speaker

Kenji Kuno, Ph.D

Plenary Speakers

Bree Jimenez, Ph.D

Chia Ai Ling

Kerry Bissaker, Ph.D.

Mariam Mohamad, Ph.D

Marilyn Friend, Ph.D.

Min Wook Ok, Ph.D

Muhammad Zhariff Afandi

Salmah Jopri


ICSE2021 Important Dates

Registration and Payment for Participants

20th March - 11th June 2021

Registration and Submission of Abstracts for Presenters

20th March - 20th April 2021 (Extended to 7th May 2021)

Acceptance Notification

31st March - 7th May 2021

Payment for Presenters

31st March - 7th May 2021

Submission of Full Papers

1st April - 7th May 2021

Video Submission

1st April - 7th May 2021

Pre-Conference Event

17th September - 24th September 2021

Live Conference

25th September - 26th September 2021

Publication of Proceedings

26th October 2021


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