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1. Does the conference accept submission other than English language?

No, the medium of writing and presentation must be English for both full paper and video. We apologize for the inconvenience.

2. Can I submit more than one (1) abstract?

Yes, each presenter may submit more than 1 abstract. You can upload maximum of two (2) abstracts and each individual abstract accepted will be subjected to the published presenter fee.

3. Can two (2) presenters present the same paper?

Yes. We allowed more than one (1) presenter to present the paper in the video. However, certificates for presenter shall only be issued to the Registered Presenter.

4. What happens if I want to amend my abstracts after I have submitted?

You may amend your abstracts until the 7th May 2021 or until you receive the acceptance notification by the organizer, after which you will not be able to amend your abstract anymore. The responsibility is on the abstract submitter to ensure that the content uploaded into the abstract is correct and has been proofread.

5. What kind of video should I consider for the presentation video submission?

The video should be between 8 to 10 minutes ONLY. You are required to use the given PowerPoint slide template (Click Here) A sample presentation video is also attached (Click Here) Tips: You can record the video by pressing the record button while presenting in Zoom or Webex.

6. Can I access the Pre-conference Event page earlier?

Yes. You can start accessing the Pre-conference Event site from 25th June to 4th July 2021 which allows you to watch, listen and ask questions. Do explore all the videos as you will not have the same opportunity in face-to-face conference settings.

You can also do networking with attendees from all over the world virtually. As an added value, you will be able to explore and access our virtual exhibition and interact with the exhibitors.

7. How do I ask questions in Live Plenary Sessions?

You can ask questions by typing them in the live comment box and our back-end staffs will do their best to consolidate and share the questions with the intended speakers.

8. I am a foreigner, but living in Malaysia. Am I entitled for Malaysian Presenter rate?

We are sorry, but only Malaysians with valid Malaysian Identity Card Number are entitled for the Malaysian conference fee rate.

9. What time zone does the conference agenda applying?

It’s Malaysian Time zone. GMT +8. On that note, we would like to wish Good morning, Good afternoon and Good Evening to you in advance.


Terms and Conditions (All):

1. Login Id and password assigned to participants should not be shared with other people. The organizer reserves the right to ban users’ access temporarily should we suspect unusual activity and access by participants. We may contact you through email for further investigation.

2. You are welcome to write, tweet and share ICSE 2021 banners and promotional materials.

Terms and Conditions (Presenters):

1. All materials accepted for publication in ICSE 2021 Proceeding will become the permanent property of the proceeding. The proceeding allows readers to read, download, copy, print, search and distribute the published articles, provided the authors are properly acknowledged and cited.